Entrance Matting

Trade Floors NI stocks an impressive range of high quality matting available for delivery and installation throughout the UK and Ireland.

Entrance matting is an essential component of any business space. It is the first line of defence against dirt, dust, and moisture that people carry in on their shoes, preventing them from being tracked throughout the building. Here are some of the key benefits for businesses:

  1. Improved indoor air quality: It traps dirt, dust, and other pollutants from entering the building, which can improve indoor air quality. This is particularly important for businesses that have employees or customers with allergies or respiratory problems.

  2. Reduced maintenance costs: By preventing dirt and moisture from being tracked into the building, entrance matting reduces the need for frequent cleaning of floors, carpets, and other surfaces. This can save businesses a significant amount of money in maintenance costs over time.

  3. Increased safety: Entrance matting can also improve safety by reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls. Wet floors can be particularly hazardous, but entrance matting can absorb moisture and prevent it from spreading throughout the building.

  4. Enhanced aesthetic appeal: It can also enhance the appearance of a business space by providing a clean and professional look. It can also be customized with logos or designs that reflect the company’s branding.

  5. Improved sustainability: Entrance matting can contribute to a more sustainable business by reducing the amount of water and energy needed to clean floors and carpets. By preventing dirt and moisture from entering the building, entrance matting can also reduce the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

  6. Longer-lasting floors: It can help protect floors and carpets from wear and tear caused by foot traffic, which can extend their lifespan and save businesses money on costly replacements.

Overall, entrance matting is a smart investment for businesses that want to create a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for employees and customers alike. It can help reduce maintenance costs, improve indoor air quality, enhance aesthetic appeal, and contribute to a more sustainable business.

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