Subfloor Preparation Service

Floor Grinding, Blasting & Polished Concrete Service throughout NI

Subfloor Preparation

Floor Grinding & Blasting.

Based just outside Belfast, we are Northern Irelands leading Subfloor Preparation company. Subfloor Preparation is a crucial first step in flooring installation, applicable to diverse substrates like concrete, steel, and asphalt. This initial phase involves meticulously removing any existing floor coatings, coverings, and surface impurities like Laitance. The goal is to create an optimal surface, ensuring a strong adhesion for any new flooring materials.

At Trade Floors NI, our approach to on-site efficiency is exemplified by our advanced surface preparation vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with integrated generators, delivering self-sustaining 3-phase power on-site, minimizing our reliance on external power sources.

We’re committed to the forefront of dust control technology in the flooring industry. Our dedication to a clean and safe work environment is evident in our investment in the latest dust-free preparation methods. Our equipment, including three-phase vacuums, is enhanced with advanced pre-separators and HEPA filters, ensuring a dust-minimized process and a cleaner, healthier site

sub floor preparation ni

Diamond Grinding

Diamond grinding expertly smooths surfaces and removes undulations, preparing them for seamless floor sealer and high build coating applications. Ideal for achieving a level, professional finish.

Captive Shot Blasting

Captive shot blasting propels shot at the surface, creating a robust profile ideal for heavy-duty flooring and car park coatings, especially in high-traffic areas.

Ride-on Floor Stripping

Ride on floor stripping offers rapid, economical removal of existing floor finishes, including vinyl, carpet, and tiles, streamlining renovation projects.


We provide Northern Ireland’s leading polished concrete service. Polished concrete, is a sustainable industrial flooring choice, utilising existing materials and vacuum-assisted diamond grinding/polishing. This process exposes and hardens the underlying tough concrete, yielding a strong, durable, and easy-to-clean surface with a lifespan of 25 years and minimal maintenance.

Aesthetic finish

Offering a range of aesthetic finishes, from practical industrial to high-level gloss, to meet diverse design and functional needs

Low maintenance

Polished concrete’s smooth surface ensures easy cleaning and low upkeep. With no topical coatings required, it eliminates the need for periodic re-coating

Environmentally friendly

Polished concrete stands out as an environmentally friendly choice, requiring minimal materials, making it one of the most sustainable industrial flooring options

Incredibly tough

Exceptionally durable, polished concrete is up to ten times harder than conventional concrete, providing outstanding abrasion resistance

Long lasting

Polished concrete offers unparalleled longevity, boasting the longest life expectancy among industrial flooring options with minimal maintenance.