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Based outside Belfast, we supply and professionally install a wide range of commercial and industrial flooring throughout Northern Ireland.

What we do

We supply & fit commercial & industrial flooring to the highest standards anywhere in Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland.

At Trade Floors NI, there is no commercial flooring job too big or too small. You are spoilt for choice with our huge ranges of flooring, including Epoxy Resin coatings, PU screeds, Commercial Vinyl, carpet tiles, anti-slip flooring, industrial anti-fatigue, LVT flooring and Subfloor Preparation, at highly competitive prices.


For offices we supply and fit beautiful, hard wearing flooring solutions such as LVT, Carpet tiles, Commercial Vinyl and Nora Rubber flooring.

Industrial Flooring Solutions

We are the market leaders in the supply & installation of specialist factory floors such as high build epoxy resin coatings & PU Screeds.
epoxy resin floor ni

Education & Healthcare Flooring

We are experts in flooring solutions for Hospitals, Schools & Health Clinics. From safety vinyl with high slip resistance to vulcanised rubber that lasts 30 years +, we do it all.

Hospitality & Gyms

We have been fitting restaurant floors and gym flooring solutions for over 10 years. From anti slip safety vinyl in kitchens & changing rooms to protective rubber flooring systems in commercial gyms.

How It Works

We strive to make your experience working with us the best it can be, please get in touch now, we are ready to help and bring your flooring vision to fruition.

Contact us for free advice, to discuss your requirements and expectations.

Book a free no obligation on site consultation to discuss flooring options and for us to take laser measurements and thermal testing as required.

We will email you a quote / quotes usually within 12 – 24 working hours.

If you are happy with your quote you can book your installation date.

We Supply & Fit Flooring for All Commercial Environments

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Epoxy Resin Flooring

How long does it take for an epoxy resin floor to dry?

Epoxy resin flooring is celebrated for its durability, seamless finish, and resistance to wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for both commercial and industrial settings. One of the common queries from clients considering this flooring option is about the drying or curing time. Understanding this is crucial for planning purposes, especially in environments where downtime needs to be minimised. Let’s delve into the factors that influence the curing time of epoxy resin floors and what you can expect during the process.

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Epoxy Resin Flooring

Can you put epoxy resin over laminate floor?

Opting for a flooring update or enhancement brings various options to the table, including the attractive and durable finish offered by epoxy resin. While epoxy resin is celebrated for its resilience and aesthetic versatility, the idea of applying it over laminate flooring warrants caution. Contrary to some suggestions, covering laminate with epoxy resin is generally not recommended. Here’s why this approach might not yield the results you’re hoping for.

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Epoxy Resin Flooring

Is Epoxy Resin Flooring Good for Business flooring?

When it comes to selecting the right flooring for your commercial or industrial space, the myriad of options available can seem overwhelming. One standout choice that has been gaining popularity for its durability, aesthetics, and versatility is epoxy resin flooring. But is epoxy resin good for flooring? Let’s dive into the benefits to help you make an informed decision.

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