Can you put epoxy resin over laminate floor?

Why Covering Laminate Flooring with Epoxy Resin Is Not Advisable!

Opting for a flooring update or enhancement brings various options to the table, including the attractive and durable finish offered by epoxy resin. While epoxy resin is celebrated for its resilience and aesthetic versatility, the idea of applying it over laminate flooring warrants caution. Contrary to some suggestions, covering laminate with epoxy resin is generally not recommended. Here’s why this approach might not yield the results you’re hoping for.

The Importance of a Suitable Substrate

Epoxy resin requires a solid, stable, and moisture-controlled environment to adhere correctly and perform as expected. Here are the critical factors to consider:

1. Substrate Stability and Moisture Content

Laminate flooring, characterised by its layered composition and aesthetic appeal, does not provide the hard substrate necessary for epoxy resin application. Epoxy resin thrives on surfaces with a moisture content below 4%, ensuring optimal adhesion and longevity. Laminate’s susceptibility to moisture and its generally non-porous surface create conditions unsuitable for epoxy application, risking delamination and degradation over time.

2. Adhesion Challenges

Laminate’s smooth and often glossy finish poses significant adhesion challenges for epoxy resin. Without a porous surface to anchor to, epoxy struggles to form a lasting bond, leading to potential peeling, bubbling, and uneven curing. The integrity of the finished floor could be compromised, reflecting poorly on the durability and appearance epoxy is known for.

3. Condition and Longevity Concerns

Even if epoxy resin could be applied to laminate, the underlying laminate’s condition remains a concern. Laminate affected by moisture or wear compromises the epoxy’s stability and appearance. Epoxy resin’s protective and aesthetic qualities are best leveraged on a suitable substrate that ensures moisture control and structural integrity—conditions that laminate flooring cannot guarantee.

4. Professional Recommendations

Flooring experts and manufacturers alike caution against applying epoxy over laminate for these reasons. The consensus is clear: for epoxy resin flooring to meet its full potential for durability, aesthetics, and longevity, it must be applied to a hard, moisture-controlled substrate like concrete, where conditions align with epoxy’s requirements.


The allure of transforming a space with the sleek, durable finish of epoxy resin is undeniable. However, the decision to apply epoxy over laminate flooring overlooks critical considerations of substrate suitability, moisture content, and adhesion quality. At Trade Floors NI, we emphasise the importance of the right foundation for your epoxy resin project. Opting for a hard substrate with controlled moisture ensures that your investment in flooring not only meets but exceeds expectations, safeguarding the beauty and resilience of your space for years to come.

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